Recover lost or locked funds, with real guidance and tools

About HavkWebx

Sophisticated and industry leading firm in data recovery and analysis concerning blockchain funds. Hot and cold wallet bakery with sufficient tracking technology to discover illicit movement of funds and cracking open, dead old wallets. We have been recognised to help individuals recover funds that has been lost recklessly in the blockchain and unconfirmed transaction.

Hi-tech tools

Our Professionals make use of special high end tech tools to deliver services.

Blockchain Machine Learning

Ai learning methods to understand patterns and sequences.

Direct Network Scan

Complete deep scan into the wallet address network to get loopholes.

Completely Safe Techniques

Our methods are completely risk free our clients as your happiness is our priority

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Sherry M. Garcia
Sherry M. GarciaCustomer
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Havkwebx has helped me recover a tiny portion of my lost funds, I'm grateful hoping more can be recovered too. The professional that handled my request is really friendly. Thank You havkwebx, keep it up.
Norbert C. Watson
Norbert C. WatsonClient
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This was really beyond my imagination, they helped me recover my locked blockchain funds. #Havkwebx.
Julie O. Smith
Julie O. SmithCustomer
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Satisfying, the process was a bit confusing but they sorted out my problem quickly, and i was able to get my money recovered within a week.
Juan E. Turner
Juan E. TurnerClient
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Good Job with the professionals. Jobs like this needs good and elaborate explanations which they calmly explained every bit properly for me. I appreciate this service so much, thank you havkwebx.
Alma H. Weaver
Alma H. WeaverCustomer
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Havkwebx is what it says it is. Thank You for helping me.
Matthew M. Ziegler
Matthew M. ZieglerClient
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Wow, my money was finally recovered. it took upto 3 weeks since I made a request with the professionals. I'm happy my funds were recovered successfully at the end.

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